I am not the GIPF fanboy that some are, but I have played most of them - YINSH, DVONN and TAMSK as well. 
Although this is certainly better than TAMSK, this game falls short of YINSH and DVONN. However the 
game components are beautiful. It really is breathtaking. And I guess the potentials are interesting. 
Lots of room to branch. Also the asymmetry, idk... I suppose all the possible patterns if I had to 
think of it might amount to something. But still nothing compared to Barnsley’s fern or Cantor’s comb 
or Cantor’s curtains or Gosper’s island or Henon’s map or Hilbert’s curve or Levy’s curve or Levy’s 
tapestry or Menger’s sponge or Minkowski’s sausage or Rossler’s attractor or Sierpinski’s carpet or 
Vicsek’s snowflake or Koch’s snowflake (geez’) or Sierpinski’s triangle or Koch’s island or 
Cesaro’s sweep or Polya’s sweep. I mean those are some seriously beautiful patterns, with real depth... (lol)

ZERTZ Player with Koch Snowflake @ West Lane South, London, 2013

Works List:
ZERTZ player with quadratic Koch snowflake, digital print on felt
ZERTZ game and thought influenced lamp, game, etched aluminum box, and computer components
pool, ZERTZ player, and Koch snowflake, digital print on canvas
Turing reaction-diffusion noise, ice, and score card, digital print on canvas
diagram, carpet, and branch, digital print on canvas
happy thinking player, brick wall, and case, digital print on canvas
TwixT and solid mental crystal from winner (red), game and plastic
fern computer, etched aluminum box and computer components