think big think small
planet, plant
a grid and stones as complex as the universe
the game
your room
a cell
trapped like a rat
objects stuck on a table
what can you do?
hop from one moment to the next
time's bound
work work work. spend money on food, shelter and entertainment
listen to some music, go for a walk, talk to a friend
keep you body a well oiled machine for as long as you have it
keep up on health food developments and specialty beverages

Infinite Cell@ PSU Autzen Gallery, March 2013

Works List
dust map, drawing of brownian motion, painted steel
time stone, digital print on slate
planet stone, digital print on slate
finitude offering, bone, aloe vera, table, rug, glass, go board
endtable relic, ceramic frog, porqupine quills, endtable, silicone rubber

supporting documents