Alex Mackin Dolan 
b. 1990
lives in New York

Grand Century

sanguine edison, i mean your lamp, that bulb and cage, your stupid fucking caged edison lamp in your disgusting bar. Human scum feeding from the earth, you scum are factories for anger, chugging through plastic pork belly, truffle oil embalming fluid. A warm sanguine flush of blood makes you feel warm and "better" for a brief moment during your permanent sickness. The only solution for too much blood is to let blood. Choking on a hot glowing filament, bleeding impaled on a pike or a from a wound from the antique rifle behind the bar. Your sweet warm blood flowing into the street mixing with the rain mixing with the chalk residue from the chalkboard out front, melting your name in the strong rain which was always coming.


Sanguine Rose, wasps nest, cloth cord, light fixture, patined brass, edison bulb, 2014

Pure Drinking Water (shredded version), laser cut archival inkjet on canvas, 2014

I am tormented everyday what are the evil leaders who started doing this to me? What is the mindset of people who get together in a horde to torment one person What kind of punishment do the evil leaders or our world who torment 24/7 for years deserve? look at this place zoo of zero tolerance another bucket of chum to empty from the window of my tenement hovel vultures surrounding me

trials of faith, archival inkjet on canvas, 2014 something you don't knonw anything about, archival inkjet on canvas, 2014 an architect of eternal conflict, c-print, 2014 day for night w/ Jasper Spicero at Important Projects a final offering of flesh for the children about all i have left to give may it release love + light into a world dying in darkness -tracker of truth there is no more time cprint,2014 tilli, wood The St. Petersburg Paradox at the Swiss Institute money and suffering, mixed media and dye sublimation print on cotton, 2014 at LTD Los Angeles amy, dye sublimation print on waterproof polyester, 2014 glass with hole, hand etched waterglass, 2014 egg, dye sublimation print on waterproof polyester, 2014 surrender, dye sublimation print on cotton, 2014 Cherry Picking at Karma International body heat, muscle stimulator, hardware, heat distributing fleece, 2012 install thermal offerings, heatsinks, mirror, slate, blood orange, psilocybin mushrooms, rosemary, 2012 sun, cycle, limit at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Time Based Arts Festival install hanjie players backpack, digital print on aluminum, C-20 water, notebooks, sweater, quarter, backpack, 2013 reminder waterglass, laser etched waterglass, 2014 glasses at sunset or sunrise, digitally printed floormat, 2014 eternal affair sun table, stone, dye sublimation on twill, found table, 2014 peace walk, archival inkjet print on canvas, 2014