Grand Century


 "The Bar at the End of the Night" David Lewis, NYC

 "A Form is a Social Gatherer" Plymouth Rock, Zurich

 "Under A Thawing Lake" Dark Arts International, Mexico City

 "Seau Banco Carbon" Tomorrow / Bedstuy Love Affair, NYC

 "Climate March Cell Phone Pics" Extinction Marathon, Serpentine Gallery, London 

 "Human/Evolution/Machine" Galerie Hussenot, Paris

 "Today : Morrow" Balice Hertling, NYC

 "In A Sea Of Debris" Swiss Institute, NYC

 "St. Petersburg Paradox" Swiss Institute, NYC

 "AIRBNB Pavilion" Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice

 "Day for Night" (with Japer Spicero) Important Projects, Oakland

 "Portland Biennial 2014" White Box / Disjecta, Portland

 "Executive Producer" MACO, Oaxca

 "Alex Mackin Dolan" LTD, Los Angeles

 TARA Oceans Residency, Atlantic Ocean

 "Resource Workshop and Panel" LUMA Westbau, Zurich

 Under Construction Residency, Park Avenue Armory

 "cycle sun limit" Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland 

 "ZERTZ Player with Koch Snowflake" West Lane South, London

 "Infinite Cell" Autzen Gallery, Portland

 "Cherry Picking" Karma International, Zurich

 "Deep Freeze" Generation Works, Tacoma